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Have you always wanted to try archaeology, or just want to help us make it happen? Support a dig now and you can join us in the field, and online!

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22nd - 23rd September 2018

We're helping Tony Robinson throw the best archaeology party ever in honour of Mick Aston, from 22nd - 23rd September 2018. You can be there in person, or online!

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In Funding

Elmswell 2018

14th - 26th August

From a deserted Medieval village to a Roman villa, Iron Age settlement, mesolithic flints and more, this dig has it all. Support this dig to help us uncover ancient Yorkshire.

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Digging Darrow 2018

22nd May - 3rd June

Investigate the ruins of America's biggest Shaker settlement, and discover the rise and fall of a community attempting to build a new utopia

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Lindisfarne 2018

4th - 19th September

DigVentures is returning for a third season at Lindisfarne, and with your help it will be the most epic yet. Join the search for the heart of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria.

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Coldingham 2018

19th June - 1st July

When King Oswald founded the famous Anglo-Saxon monastery on Lindisfarne, his sister Princess Aebbe founded another just over the Scottish border. Let's head to Scotland to find it.


Active Projects

The trenches are closed for now, but there's plenty of action in the lab. Stay up to date as we analyse the evidence and get ready for more fieldwork.

Past Projects

All good things must come to an end (even archaeology!), but you can read more here about the amazing work we’ve done on some very special sites.

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Digital Dig Team

Digital Venturer

Your chance to stick a virtual trowel in the ground.

  • See all the data appear straight from the trenches in Digital Dig Team
  • Watch all the action unfold from anywhere in the world
  • Communicate with the on-site team directly
  • Get exclusive behind-the-scenes digital access
Field Venturer

Field Venturer

Get in the trenches with our expert team.

  • Learn new field techniques and brush up on what you already know
  • Personal field skills assessment and training plans
  • Learn how to use our world-first digital recording system
  • Perfect for anyone who wants more field experience
Dirty Weekend Venturer

Dirty Weekend Venturer

Two days of action-packed archaeology.

  • Taster sessions for adventurous travellers and the culturally curious
  • Work with professional archaeologists & try specialist activities tailored to the site
  • Learn what it’s really like on an archaeological site after ‘Tools down’!
  • No experience needed – we’ll teach you all you need to know

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